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But Why?

But why?

Our focus is on taking the guesswork out of the fly selection process, so you can get out on the water with one less thing to worry about. We fully understand not everyone wants to become an entomology expert!

Whether you are starting your Fly Fishing journey, looking to fill up your fly box, searching for a gift, or just want to supercharge your Fly Fishing knowledge, Season's has you covered.  

Feel free to reach out with any questions to

Our Mission

To inspire and support Aussie and Kiwi Fly Fishers on their Fly Fishing journey and help them get out on the water more often, engaging with the outdoors, casting in wild places.

When will my order ship?

Each season’s box ships in the first few days of the new season, e.g. summer ships on December 1, to ensure you get the maximum out of each season!

What's in the box?

Each seasonal box  comes with: 

  • A selection of 12 - 14 flies, carefully selected in- house, by our experienced team.
  • A pocket guide, that gives you relevant detail on each fly and how best to fish them.
  • A sticker. Yep that’s right a sticker.