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Freshwater Lakes + Stillwater Fly Fishing Box

Freshwater Lakes + Stillwater Fly Fishing Box

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Stepping into lakes for the first time can be daunting. Stepping into lakes for the thousandth time can be just as challenging!

The Season’s Supply Lakes + Stillwater pack will put some confidence in your loops, and fish to hand. From deep diving patterns to surface thrillers, we have covered all the bases it covered with this pack.

Each seasonal box comes with 12 - 14 flies carefully selected by our in-house expert and are guaranteed to maybe catch more fish!

The Winter box ships from June 3 2024 to July 31 2024. Orders placed from August 1 2024 will receive the Spring box.

What's in the box?

Each seasonal box  comes with: 

  • A selection of 12 - 14 flies, carefully selected in house, by our experienced team.
  • A pocket guide from our in-house expert, that gives you relevant detail on each fly and how best to fish them.
  • A sticker. Yep that’s right a sticker.

When will my subscription ship?

Each season’s box ships in the first few days of the new season, e.g. summer ships on December 1.

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